Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'll always shout WHO-DEY!

Well again this year the Steelers ruined the post season for my Bengals. Last year it was the first round of the playoffs, this year it was for a wild card bid for the playoffs. But that's okay. I still say Who-Dey. I've always been a fan and always will be and .500 isn't bad considering the issues they've had this season and the fact that Marvin Lewis is still building a team. So although an 8-8 season isn't the best, I still say great job guys, although I hate Pittsburgh even more now than ever. I think this will shape up to become a bigger rivalry than the annual battle of Ohio. I will have to say though that if they were going to lose, what a better way than in overtime. Did I mention I hate sudden death overtime? In addition to that, I guess if you are going to lose in overtime, who better to lose to than ex-Buckeye Santonio Holmes. Oh well, it's just a game and not the end of the world.

See you next fall guys! WHO DEY!!!

In-law update

So my mother-in-law redeemed herself. She took Meg to the airport. After talking with Meg a little bit more I found out the real story behind what happened, which I figured was the case. Meg's aunt was telling her mom that she should just have Meg take a cab so she could sleep in since it was so inconvenient (read: she would also have to get up to let her mom back in the house). I would expect this from her aunt so it wasn't a big surprise...after all, her aunt and uncle always make it clear what is inconvenient for them, did I mention our wedding day was inconvenient for them? They even tried to get us to change that date because they would have to make a trip down to Ohio from their summer home in Michigan. So sorry to inconvenience you all.

Okay enough complaining about my in-laws

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The year in review...

So everywhere you listen or watch right now you are bombarded with "year in review" shows and lists. Well I am no one famous and not a lot happens in m world, but I thought I would share with you just a few of the things that happened in our lives this last year. Nothing too exciting, but just a little bit of what happened in the McKee household in 2006-since we didn't do a letter with our Christmas cards...

In January I weighed myself for the first time in a long time. I was having some health problems and knew that something needed to change or I was going to drastically shorten my life. So I declared a "new year's revolution" and decided to change my life forever. I weighed in at 367, which was really discouraging since I had never been that heavy in my life. I am proud to say that I end the year at 342. I know it is only 25 but I still consider that a resolution kept. I hope to lose a lot more this year, but a lifestyle change is not easy and it takes time.

In February, mom and dad came down for a couple of weeks and we all got to experience our first Mardi Gras. I had misconceptions about Mardi Gras and what it was like, but we all had a great time. You can read about it in the link above or check out the March archives.

March was the first time I got to put my feet into action (literally) in my weight loss battle and life change. I walked my first 5k here in Pensacola. It was tough, but fun and I really felt a sense of accomplishment when I was done.

May brought a much needed vacation and a few days at Disney in Orlando, but the vacation was interrupted when we had to make an unexpected trip home when grandma passed away.It was tough to say goodbye to her, but I know she is not suffering anymore and is in a better place.

June brought on the big 3-0 and visits from family and friends including my folks, sis and brother-in-law, and my college roomie Phil and his family. Although we didn't get to go deep sea fishing as planned fun was had by all and 30 wasn't so bad after all.

July was a busy month as I had the chance to be camp director for the first time in my life. For not knowing what was doing I think it went pretty well. The result? Definitely made me pull my hair out and resulted in the new look for the summer.

August brought three years of being married to the most beautiful woman in the world and a surprise from God in the form of a dream job for Megan. She had been patiently waiting and hoping to get away from the bank and boy did He deliver. She is now teaching elementary music at Navy Point Elementary here in Pcola. I also walked my second 5k and improved my time from March.

September brought 5k number three as well as two trips home to Ohio. It was all about reunions including getting to see my mentor Rick and attending the 100th anniversary of the first church I served in as well as Meg's 10 year class reunion. We even found time to take the teens to Universal Studios for Rock the Universe in the middle of all of that.

October was a life changing month for me. I decided it was time to fess up and start being real. I was ready to leave the ministry but I asked God for help, and he delivered. My testimony is in the October archives if you want to read it.

Of course in November, America "voted for change," but for us it meant hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner. It turned out great, but I kinda forgot to blog about it, so no link sorry. And of course...who could forget, it was also the month when the Buckeyes shored up their shot at a national title by beating that team up north.

Finally this month. It was awesome. Meg and I both had the chance to participate in Pensacola Winterfest. It was a great chance for Meg to play her flute and get her name out in the city and I got the chance to give tours of downtown and tell corny jokes at the same time (think an amusement park ride where there is a story/dialogue with built in jokes that aren't that great sometimes). We have been praying for ways to get into the community and this was one of those opportunities. I also found out that I am going to get a shot at reality TV in the form of VH1's World Series of Pop culture. Then of course we got to go home for a few days, but now it is back to the grind here in Pensacola.

It has been an interesting year. Nothing too exciting or worthy of a movie, but it was our lives for 2006. I can't wait to see what 2007 holds. May God continue to bless you all, and be safe as you celebrate the beginning of another New Year that God has blessed us with.

God is good!

I love my mother-in-law but...

I love my mother-in-law, but I have to admit I am just a wee bit frustrated with her right now. Meg decided to stay a few extra days in Ohio so she could spend some extra time with her mom and dad. She is flying in tomorrow morning and her mom was supposed to take her to the airport. Well I just got word a little bit ago that her mom is making her take a taxi to the airport in the morning. Megan was crushed and to say the least a bit upset. The only reason she stayed was to be with them...and the way her mom says's 20 bucks for the cab fare. GRRRR!!! The reason why...its just too much of an inconvenience to take her that early in the morning to the airport. I love you too mom...Sheesh!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Merry Christmas to all of you from Matt and Meg! We love and appreciate you guys and hope that this Christmas is a great one for you!

Christmas thoughts part 2...

Is anyone else bothered by the story of the Little Drummer boy? It has perplexed me for years and honestly I have gotten a little cynical about it as it is not one of my favorite Christmas songs and I have yet to find where it is found in the scriptures. The only thing I can gather about it is that the boy played his drum for Jesus since he had nothing else to offer him. The modern day application (which is a stretch) comes I suppose in that we are to offer Jesus what we can. Funny thing is, it is making its way into manger scenes around the world...when my wife opened the additions to her Jim Shore manger there was a drummer boy in it. I appreciate the challenge, but I think it is getting stretched just a wee bit.

Here is all I could find on the little drummer boy and the story behind it. Anyone know more? Anyone else a little perplexed by it and frustrated that it has made its way into the manger stories today?

Here is the link...

Christmas thoughts...part 1

So I have been thinking about the Christmas story as we celebrate with family and friends over the Christmas season. Obviously it is at the center of my whole life since it is the foundation of my faith. But as I was sitting around these past few days and had a little bit of down time and so I thought I would offer this Christmas devotional thought...

Who are you this Christmas? Each of the characters played an important role in the nativity story. So the question is, who are you?

MARY-You could be like Mary-she was chosen to carry the Christ child. She was a young woman who was anointed by God to bring Christ into this world, how awesome is that? When I look at Mary, I think of someone who was willing to accept God's will for her, no matter what. She could have said no I suppose, but she didn't even though she may not have understood the full magnitude of what God was asking her to do, she simply said yes. Am I willing to accept God's call on my life, even when I don't understand the circumstances?

JOSEPH-I think Joseph is sometimes underestimated in the Christmas story. Sometimes he gets looked over. Here is a man that could have very easily chosen to just let Mary go and been on with it. He knew he might have been facing persecution and rumors, but he stuck by her side. He played a support role, one that was very important. He was chosen to be the earthly father of the Messiah. He was beside Mary through everything and chose to support she and Jesus. Sometimes I wonder if we are called to play the role of support. We aren't always the star and that can be discouraging because we all love the spotlight, but Joseph chose simply to play the support role. How awesome is that? Lord help us to be willing to be the support of those who are following your will and are carrying your message to the world.

THE SHEPHERDS-These guys are awesome. I love the shepherds, here are your everyday guys. They lived in the fields with their animals, I am sure they were rough around the edges and probably not really respected in the community. These guys were just simply your average Joe's...but God chose them to be the first ones to proclaim the message of the Messiah. Talk about God at work. This is so awesome, because they weren't important, they were just was so awesome as the got to be the first messengers! God chose them to take the message of the newborn baby to the world and God still asks us to carry his message today, as everyday matter who we are or what we do.

So who are you this Christmas? Is God asking you to answer His call for your life, even if it doesn't make sense? Is God asking you to support those in ministry? Is He asking you to carry his message to the world in your community, workplace, and family? As you celebrate the Christmas season, ask God to show you who He wants you to be this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and may God bless you richly!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas from the Mattster

Just a little Christmas cheer for all of you. Click the link...laugh, and then go ahead...just go ahead and try to get this image out of your head!

Disturbing isn't it???
Transformers Movie Trailer

Okay so I am extremely excited about this movie! I cannot wait until next July. I will admit though, I am a little concerned though as with just the brief views of their faces it looks like they may have abandoned the look that made the transformers famous. Call me a purist, but I hope they didn't change it too much as I'll be disspointed. I guess the only way to say it is, "All we need is a little energon and a lot of luck.

Autobots...ROLL OUT!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Final grades...

Well I just got word from my professor that I got a B+ in his class. Although I was hoping for an A, I'll take it. One more class to go starting in January and then I'll be done with the program and have my MA. Graduation, here I come!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


So if it is okay, I am going to wax a little sentimental tonight. We had the chance to get together with some friends of ours from our previous church. These are not just friends, but more. They are the friends who are like family, in fact we almost consider their kids our own. We always try to get together with them when we are home and so tonight we hit one of our favorite restaurants BW3's for some wings and fellowship.

I'll be honest. I really miss this type of community relationship. We have been at our current church for almost two years now and we still only have one couple who would fall into that category. I sincerely wish there was more, but I don't know what to do differently to achieve it. We try as hard as we can, we invest in the kids and their parents as much as possible, but it still feels like all we are doing most of the time is damage control. There are times when I really feel unwanted at our church. It really can be discouraging and I think this lack of community is one of the things that contributed to my thoughts back in October (see the archives for my testimony). What can we do differently? Do these people understand how lonely we feel in ministry? Would they listen if we told them?

Okay I know I am whining, but I really need to feel this community again. Sorry for being so blunt, but as I said back in October I am tired of hiding how I feel and pretending like everything is always okay. Sometimes I hurt, sometimes I am lonely and now is one of those times. I am thankful for the ones we have, and I know God wants us to stay where we are in ministry, but I long for community and am not sure how to find it. So please pray for me.

Longing for community...

PS. I removed the post from yesterday about the lady from our church. I posted the thoughts for humor's sake and the situation is nothing strange to our church, but I removed it because it could have had the potential to hurt someone's feelings and that would be the furthest thing from my mind so I removed it.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sittin in the airport...

To the tune of "singing in the bathtub"-

Sittin in the airport
Bored out of my mind
gotta lot of time left
I think I'll go insane
people are getting angry
Flights have been delayed
Christmas carol singing
Everyone's insane
soon I'm gonna get home
Then I'll go crazy
Lot's of friends to see
Not enough time yippee.
Okay so I am not a song writer, but I had to do something to fill the four hour layover I have in "hot"lanta. It is funny to watch people and evidently Denver is closed so people are going insane and people are getting angry at each other...It really is the "most wonderful time of the year."

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Update on scrooge

Okay...So since I have already got one nastygram pretty much pointing out how I was "misinformed" allow me to clarify my previous post. I was in no way intending to bash Disney or say that Santa got kicked out of the park. I only posted the article because I found it amusing and it was meant to be a piece of sarcastic satire during the Christmas season. Everyone who knows me (read my archives) knows that I am a fan of Disney and by no means am a Disney basher...So while I appreciate the strange traffic on my blog people please understand I write humor filled with satire and sarcasm. I do not bash people or places that I disagree with, I am just having fun here. So sorry Disney, I wasn't trying to bash you!

Talk about your Ebenezer Scrooge...

I can't believe this article, talk about your Christmas fun killers...What was he supposed to do? I give him props for "doing what he was asked" but not backing down completely, poor guy...

If you can't get the link basically here is the rundown, a 60 year old man who looks like Santa was asked to stop impersonating Santa or be kicked out of the park because "Santa was a Disney character." All he was doing was winking and saying ho ho ho (excuse me, I have to be PC..."lady of the night, lady of the night, lady of the night") instead of crushing kids dreams. It's not like the poor guy was sitting kids on his lap and taking pictures in the middle of the park! Come on guys, you know I love Disney, but this is ridiculous. I'd say someone is definitely getting nothing but a lump of coal this year!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Christmas poem...

I am not a huge fan of comedian Paul Gilmartin (TBS's Dinner and a Movie) as he can get a little foul at times, but I have always enjoyed his Christmas poem. It is a little off color, but always gives me a chuckle, so here for your enjoyment, Paul Gilmartin's Christmas poem...

Eggnog, tinsel, falling snow
Buttered rum and mistletoe
Christmas trees and hanging lights
The sound of carolers fills the night

Shopping hours long and hard
Visa phones and cancels card
Unpaid bills and mounting debts
Family gathers; depressions sets

Drinking starts, harsh words are said
Dysfunction rears its yuletide head
Argument turns to shovin'
Drunken brother punches cousin

Tree tips over, popping lights
Curtains catch, house ignites
No one hears the reindeer cries
Wedged in chimney, Santa dies

Though he kicked and did perspire
His chestnuts roasted on an open fire.

It is just a little funny to me, I know I am sick! But I always get a little chuckle out of this, because we can almost all think of someone's family that is like this...To some extent.

Merry Christmas! (early)

Crazy Phobia...

I always get on edge this time of year because of my stupid phobias...I am serious, I think I am nuts when it comes to this. There isn't a whole lot that scares me. I hate spiders, don't mind snakes so much and heights don't really bother me. So what am I scared of? Puke! I am always on edge during this season because of the wonderful stomach bug that makes its rounds this time of year. Now I am not a germaphobe on a Howie Mandell level, but when it comes to getting this type of sickness I freak out! I can stand a cold or being knocked out by the flu for a couple of days, but for some reason when it comes to being "sick" with the stomach bug I freak out. It has been this way for some time. When I was growing up any time someone had the bug at our house I would walk around the house with a can of lysol, go out through the basement door where my room was and try to stay as far away from anyone with it as I could.

I know I am crazy. I thought it would get better when I got older, but I still freak out about it. Any time a teen or anyone for that matter says something about not feeling good I freak out. I actually almost make myself sick worrying about being around it and maybe getting the bug! I know I can't keep from getting it-even if I wash my hands all the time, but I still go nuts for some reason.

I don't know what it is...Even when Meg is sick I am almost paralyzed and she makes fun of me because I want to "help" but she knows how scared I get about it.

I don't know if it is the action, the smell, or what, but I just can't deal with vomit...Never could and not sure how I'll ever be able to.

So I am officially crazy....Call the men in white coats, maybe it will get better when we have kids someday. Speaking of kids I think I'll probably be okay with the morning sickness thing because it won't be catching...I KNOW! See how I rationalize it...I am a freak and should get over it, maybe someday!

Running from the fears...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Going to the World Series...

Okay so not that world series...Only if by some random luck the Reds go again someday...Instead I am going to this world series...If you have never heard of this, every summer VH1 features a pop culture tournament and they are holding the auditions right now. I have always been told I am a pop culture junkie and no one likes to play trivial pursuit or scene it with me so this is the one for me. I sent in our applications for our team "2 schmucks and a duck" and sure enough they selected us for the audition so myself, and two members of our church are heading to Orlando in February for the try outs. This should be fun! There's a shot at 250,000 so we'll see if we have what it takes to win it all!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'll do it...Tomorrow!

Okay, so I am not going to lie about it. There are two weaknesses that I will readily admit to. I don't like them, but I am still working on them and wonder if maybe I always will. First I am unorganized, I do not do a very good job at planning my schedule and making sure that all the boxes are checked off. In addition to that, I am a procrastinator. Thus I find myself in an all too familiar situation...I will be up all night writing book reviews that I have put off until the last minute. I am not sure how I get to this position other than I just don't manage myself well enough to not procrastinate. I am a world better than I was in my undergrad, but I still have a long way to go yet. So...I'll work on my disorganization and procrastination-tomorrow!

I guess this is just a chance to get back to my undergrad years...Ahh the memories, not really. I want to sleep, but here's to coffee and my laptop!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas at the McKee's...

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas decorations. As soon as I finish the outside I'll get pics of those as well...

This is Meg's Nativity made of Heartwood Home (I think is the name of them) collectibles. To the left is the Large wiseman display which she is working on collecting next. The three wisemen combine to show a full nativity themselves.

This is Meg's tree-her Angel tree. The tree has white lights and almost all of the ornaments are flute angels. There are a couple of special ornaments on there as well, but mostly flute angels. Here is my favorite part of the house-the fireplace and mantle are decorated with snowmen and I think the rocking chair adds a special touch...Plus that is my tree-completely decorated in colored lights and "fun" ornaments-mostly M&M related things (M&M-obviously the connection to the candy comes from Matt & Megan), NASCAR ornaments, and Hallmark Keepsakes of Star Wars and Star Trek-I guess this one is our redneck tree, but since it is mine I am a little impartial to it. Speaking of M&M's check out this next picture...This is from our curio entertainment center. The whole thing is decorated with M&M related things (someone at the wedding thought it would be cool since we are M&M and it has been the gift of choice from teens and parents ever since). This is the holiday city that we put out each year. There is a whole series of them and the other smaller ones are left over ornaments from my tree and candy toppers that people have given us.

So there you have it, Christmas in the McKee household. If you stop by you'll have a "warm" Christmas, but you'll still get all the decorations just as if we were in the cold up north!

Humble Pie...

Here is a pic of my youth sponsor Scott Sanborn after the Ohio State Michigan game. He is an avid Michigan fan so it really pained him to have to wear my Ohio State tie. Thanks for being a good sport Scott and thanks for all you do!

Borrowing from Marko...Again

It's not that I haven't had anything really good to say lately-okay well it is, but that's beside the point. I will have some Christmas pics up soon, but at the risk of sounding more and more everyday like a junior high student trapped in an adult body I am borrowing this headline from marko's blog ( It was just too funny and priceless to pass up. I know I am 30, but there is still just something funny about flatulence, especially in a situation like this...Here's the link to the article:

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Baptism Cannonball!

Kudos for marko ( for putting this up on his blog, but I couldn't pass up the chance to post this. This is priceless. I could totally see some of my teens doing this someday. It's worth the laugh it is guaranteed to bring!