Monday, October 22, 2007

Waiting on Kirk and Spock...

So watching the new season of Heroes-which is amazing of course, I have noticed that it seems that there is an abundance of appearances by the original members of Star Trek. First it was Sulu as Hiro's father, now Ohura as the aunt/grandmother of the Nikki's son, I half expect Denny Crane (boston legal-william shatner) to show up defending some unknown Hero character played by Leornard Nimoy. Any idea why they are showing up on the show?

Meet Gizmo...

Here is the new addition to our family (at least for now). We are calling him Gizmo because of the size of his ears...Here are a few pics of the little guy (who is really cute and up for sale):

Can you believe the size of these ears?

Tuckered out after playing...

Hiding in the closet during a storm...

I am trying really hard not to get attached. He sure is cute, and my fear is that if we don't sell him soon he will be a permanent addition to our family.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I have received several calls, so let me fill you all in. Yes, a tornado did touch down in Pensacola today, but we are just fine. It hit the southern part of the town in the downtown area and while there is some damage all is okay on our end. I did happen to be at the station when all this went down and so I got to see us in emergency mode and also did some "on site" stuff, but we are all just fine here in Pcola, thanks for asking about us!


Monday, October 01, 2007

Did you catch it?

So I am still working on my thoughts on the new TV shows this fall, but did anyone catch the quick reference in tonight's episode of "Chuck" to Oceanic Flight 815 (LOST in case you didn't know what it was from)? I thought that was kind of cute-especially coming from an NBC show. Anyone know why they might throw that in there?

just curious and amused...LOVE "Chuck" by the way, definitely one of this seasons best new shows!