Monday, October 01, 2007

Did you catch it?

So I am still working on my thoughts on the new TV shows this fall, but did anyone catch the quick reference in tonight's episode of "Chuck" to Oceanic Flight 815 (LOST in case you didn't know what it was from)? I thought that was kind of cute-especially coming from an NBC show. Anyone know why they might throw that in there?

just curious and amused...LOVE "Chuck" by the way, definitely one of this seasons best new shows!


Robin said...

I THOUGHT I heard that! Thanks so much for calling it out. We actually are recording the series on DVD, so I ended up seeing that part twice, and I was thinking, "Wait, I know that flight number . . . is that LOST!!!?" It's on a different network even. But I think they just wanted to give a wink to those of us who really pay attention to stuff like that.

Too cool. I think it's a great show for Ken and I: funny for me, lots of action for Ken.

I'm addicted already!

Anonymous said...

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