Monday, April 28, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

Had a good laugh yesterday at lunch and learned a valuable lesson...never say anything to a 2 1/2 year old you don't want repeated. My newest niece Chloe was dedicated yesterday morning and so we all went out to eat as a family after the service. Paige (the 2 1/2 year old), wanted to know why Meg and I were still dressed in our church clothes since her mom and dad had already changed her clothes. She asked and Megan why and then said she should change her clothes and take a shower (since that's normal right?). I promptly chimed in jokingly that it would be good for Aunt Meg to take a shower since she smelled like "poo." I don't have kids so I didn't think anything of it.

Fast forward 15 minutes....Paige is tapping the waitress on the shoulder, and boldly proclaims, and I quote, "My Aunt Meg needs to take a shower because she smells like poo!" Needless to say my side hurts today from laughing so hard. Meg wasn't embarrassed and laughed too.

So I guess the moral is when trying to tease and have fun with your niece realize that everything said WILL be repeated in some way, shape, or form.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weekly Idol Rant...part2

The bottom two should NOT have been the bottom two. I am convinced no more than ever that Idol has become a joke. I don't think that Carley or Sayesha had what it took to be the idol, but it is clear that something is up when the two worst performances are safe while two of the best are up for elimination and one of them went home. Oh well, I guess at this stage you can only have one winner, but still I think something is up as Carley Smithson should NOT have gone home. It will be interesting to see what happens next.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekly Idol Rant...part1

Props to American Idol for featuring the music of Andrew Lloyd Weber. Those who know me know that I love the music from almost all of his musicals. So to hear it last night on Idol was awesome, although I was a little concerned how much they would "pop" it up and the only one to do that was David Archuleta. I like ya David, but you ruined "Think of Me" by making it pop-sure it could be a hit, but it just took away from the flair and mysteriousness of Phantom.

As it relates to the bottom three, I'm struggling with a guess as to the last of the three. For sure I expect to see Brooke and Jason there, but I am not really sure of the third. I think last night we saw for sure who the final four are. If I have to pick a third I am going to guess Carly since she has been there before and although it was still a PHENOMENAL performance, there were some parts that were a little rough.

Going back to Brooke, I am glad she pulled it back together and I am with Simon, I think she did a great job by stopping and starting again...I've been to concerts where that has happened and I think when an artist loses it, it shows their human side if they start again. However, she lost it and I think it killed what could have been a great performance.

David and Sayesha hit it out of the park last night and I think Sayesha takes the award for best performance of the night. I'll write more after the results, and it will be short unless some shocker happens-which could well happen since Idol is so "real."


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Weekly Idol Rant...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AMERICA!!!! You stopped voting for Kristy Lee Cook and she went home! While she wasn't nearly as bad as Sanjaya she just wasn't good. Speaking of Cook's David Cook sealed the deal as far as I am concerned for my vote for this year's winner. I'm not even a Mariah Carey fan and I thought he did an awesome job hitting it out of the park Tuesday night.

I am really excited that the music next week will be Andrew Lloyd Weber if I heard things right. I cannot WAIT for those performances, but PLEASE do not ruin the songs from some of the most amazing musicals out there.

We're winding down, and idol will be over soon as well as the other good shows and then it will back into summer re-run limbo, but hey at least we're used to that now since we had the biggest part of this year's TV season interrupted by the strike.

That's all for now...thoughts?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekly Idol Rant...

WOW! Michael Johns goes home? I sort of agree with the audience booing after that one. While his performance of "Dream On" was forgettable as no one can do that song like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith I am not sure it was a valid enough reason to send him home. My fear is that "votefortheworst" has picked up another contestant like they did last year and are keeping them around while getting rid of the ones that are good enough to stay (a la Sanjaya last year). Stuff like that frustrates me, but since it is an America votes competition nothing can be done. I don't think Michael was strong enough to win the competition, but he wasn't that bad either.

On the flip side, Idol gives back was good again this year. The performances didn't wow me necessarily (and I was not impressed in the least bit at the leather-or rubber-pants that Fergie wore during her performance of Barracuda with Heart), but it is good to be reminded again that there are those in and out of the country that need help. So I guess as much as possible whether through Idol or your church do SOMETHING to make a difference in the world. Give some money if you can or give of your time to make a difference.

Well that's it for the week, thoughts?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

As of today...

As of 12 noon today...WE ARE OFFICIALLY HOMEOWNERS!!! Now, if we can just get in the house. That should happen soon, but hey at least we are one step closer. Here is a couple of pictures for you to show of the place...

Megan is thrilled about the big kitchen...

This is the living room (formal), but the TV will be downstairs in my "man cave"

Thanks for all of your prayers, we have sure appreciated them! We'll keep you posted as time goes on!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Weekly Idol Rant...

So Ramiele went home last night. No big surprise for me. She just never really had a WOW performance. Don't get me wrong, she's decent, but not idol material as far as I am concerned. I also PRAY that they NEVER do Dolly Parton songs again. I was ready to change the channel after the first words of "Jolene" and who is surprised that Simon thought that singing "I will always love you" didn't live up to the original or the Whitney version.

I love idol, don't get me wrong, but I pray that it gets better soon. The season is winding down and I am getting a little weary of it. I'll keep watching though since it gives me something to blog about.