Thursday, April 03, 2008

Weekly Idol Rant...

So Ramiele went home last night. No big surprise for me. She just never really had a WOW performance. Don't get me wrong, she's decent, but not idol material as far as I am concerned. I also PRAY that they NEVER do Dolly Parton songs again. I was ready to change the channel after the first words of "Jolene" and who is surprised that Simon thought that singing "I will always love you" didn't live up to the original or the Whitney version.

I love idol, don't get me wrong, but I pray that it gets better soon. The season is winding down and I am getting a little weary of it. I'll keep watching though since it gives me something to blog about.



Kendra said...

Ramiele disappointed me. Early-on, I thought she was going to be a stronger force, but that was definitely not the case. I thought it was time for her to go. As far as Dolly Parton songs, I loved it! I am a fan of Dolly. Midway through last night's results show, I asked Eric how many times he thought they could say "Jesus" in a song during one week of Idol(and actually mean it as the real Jesus, not a swear word). ;) I think that Idol just shared Jesus with the world(even if one of the singers was a Mormon). I'll bet the producers are just LOVING that!

Matt said...

okay you got me on that one Kendra, but I am still just not a fan of Dolly and this is my blog so I am always