Thursday, June 17, 2010

an open letter to priceline...

Dear really screwed up this time, and when your customer service rep tells someone they will have a resolution in 48 hours and it is now pushing close to 60 hours, I think you need to learn to count. I am afraid you have lost a loyal customer today for both personal and business trips and I'll continue to spread the word of your poor customer service until the issue is resolved appropriately, 2 phone calls, a guaranteed answer and still no resolution...UNCOOL PRICELINE UNCOOL!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

weigh in-5

Well it's that time of week again-the weigh in, and it was a good week. I actually weighed in Saturday morning, but I am just getting around to blogging today. The weigh in for the week...342! I am down another 5 lbs. It really was a good week. Exercise has been switched up a bit each week, this week was full of yard work (yes you can burn calories working in the yard), and walking the golf course instead of using a power cart.

Some things I have noticed this week
  • it is getting easier to walk the course-I don't seem to be as winded up the hills and seem to have more energy, I actually enjoy the time walking the course (although my golf game still needs LOTS of improvement)
  • Keep fresh fruit on hand at all times-I have found that when I have a craving for something sweet, fresh fruit solves the craving and is fulfilling without the calories.
  • If a salad comes with your meal, eat it first-not only is it healthier, but it will help to fill you up quicker with less calories-you are allowed to take the food home with you
  • Water is a MUST-drink lots of it, especially right before a meal. I learned this the hard way after being dehydrated from being outside, but if you drink LOTS of water, you tend to eat less, it gives you a sense of being more full than you are
  • Put the silverware down-I'm a fast eater, always have been, but I have learned that if I set the fork down in between bites I slow down a bit and don't tend to eat as much as fast and find that I am fuller quicker.

Those are just my thoughts for the week. It was a good week and can't wait to see what's up this week! If your on this journey as well, stay encouraged and don't give can do it!

Losin' it, 1 lb at a time!


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

weigh in-4

So it's the first of June and as you've probably noted if you're a reader of this blog that I've been quiet about the weight loss for the last couple of weeks. Last I blogged I had hit a little plateau and was hovering right around 350, well I actually gained a couple pounds and realized again that this is not going to be an easy battle, so over the last week or so I started tracking things again, trying to exercise more regularly again and finally jumped on the scale again and I'm down to 347. It was encouraging, I'm not sure I had to gain to lose, and I don't want to repeat this pattern, but it was good to get some encouraging news on the scale.

Also a couple weeks ago at church someone came up to me after service and politely said, "I can tell you've lost weight, and promise me one'll never wear those pants to church again." They were my "fat" pants and truth be told were just absolutely WAY too big now and they look bad on me, so the other day I went to the store to get some new pants and found that the new ones were not 1 size smaller, but 2. I am down from a 52 waste to a 48 waist pant size, so progress is happening.

I am encouraged and a little excited, but it is still a long journey.

Cons: I still have cravings for certain things, Pros: It is getting easier NOT to just grab something because I am bored, and I am starting to choose healthier alternatives like fresh strawberries over a box of candy.

Long way to go, but losing it, 1 pound at a time...