Tuesday, June 01, 2010

weigh in-4

So it's the first of June and as you've probably noted if you're a reader of this blog that I've been quiet about the weight loss for the last couple of weeks. Last I blogged I had hit a little plateau and was hovering right around 350, well I actually gained a couple pounds and realized again that this is not going to be an easy battle, so over the last week or so I started tracking things again, trying to exercise more regularly again and finally jumped on the scale again and I'm down to 347. It was encouraging, I'm not sure I had to gain to lose, and I don't want to repeat this pattern, but it was good to get some encouraging news on the scale.

Also a couple weeks ago at church someone came up to me after service and politely said, "I can tell you've lost weight, and promise me one thing...you'll never wear those pants to church again." They were my "fat" pants and truth be told were just absolutely WAY too big now and they look bad on me, so the other day I went to the store to get some new pants and found that the new ones were not 1 size smaller, but 2. I am down from a 52 waste to a 48 waist pant size, so progress is happening.

I am encouraged and a little excited, but it is still a long journey.

Cons: I still have cravings for certain things, Pros: It is getting easier NOT to just grab something because I am bored, and I am starting to choose healthier alternatives like fresh strawberries over a box of candy.

Long way to go, but losing it, 1 pound at a time...

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Kendra said...

So proud of you, Matt! I've been struggling through the past week myself. I'm at a 20 lb loss, and I need to push through to see a bigger loss yet! The holiday weekend didn't help much either. Way to go on the new pants too! That always feels fantastic, doesn't it?