Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weekly Idol Rant...part2

The bottom two should NOT have been the bottom two. I am convinced no more than ever that Idol has become a joke. I don't think that Carley or Sayesha had what it took to be the idol, but it is clear that something is up when the two worst performances are safe while two of the best are up for elimination and one of them went home. Oh well, I guess at this stage you can only have one winner, but still I think something is up as Carley Smithson should NOT have gone home. It will be interesting to see what happens next.


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Kendra said...

Jason Castro's dreadlocks and blue eyes are keeping him on Idol right now, in my opinion. He is not even close to the same calibre as the rest of the top 5. Syesha is getting overlooked, which I think stinks. At this point, I'm picking David Cook to win. I wasn't okay with that until this week. I thought he was amazing this week!