Thursday, December 21, 2006


So if it is okay, I am going to wax a little sentimental tonight. We had the chance to get together with some friends of ours from our previous church. These are not just friends, but more. They are the friends who are like family, in fact we almost consider their kids our own. We always try to get together with them when we are home and so tonight we hit one of our favorite restaurants BW3's for some wings and fellowship.

I'll be honest. I really miss this type of community relationship. We have been at our current church for almost two years now and we still only have one couple who would fall into that category. I sincerely wish there was more, but I don't know what to do differently to achieve it. We try as hard as we can, we invest in the kids and their parents as much as possible, but it still feels like all we are doing most of the time is damage control. There are times when I really feel unwanted at our church. It really can be discouraging and I think this lack of community is one of the things that contributed to my thoughts back in October (see the archives for my testimony). What can we do differently? Do these people understand how lonely we feel in ministry? Would they listen if we told them?

Okay I know I am whining, but I really need to feel this community again. Sorry for being so blunt, but as I said back in October I am tired of hiding how I feel and pretending like everything is always okay. Sometimes I hurt, sometimes I am lonely and now is one of those times. I am thankful for the ones we have, and I know God wants us to stay where we are in ministry, but I long for community and am not sure how to find it. So please pray for me.

Longing for community...

PS. I removed the post from yesterday about the lady from our church. I posted the thoughts for humor's sake and the situation is nothing strange to our church, but I removed it because it could have had the potential to hurt someone's feelings and that would be the furthest thing from my mind so I removed it.


Anonymous said...


Amy and I can understand. We've only been gone for 9 months, but oh to have those relationships and fellowship once again.

It would be a beautiful thing!

Please know we are praying for you often and also know we understand.

Merry Christmas!

Eric and Kendra said...

Matt...We have been in a similar spot. The entire time we lived in PA, we longed for that sense of community and belonging, but it never came. It was the longest 18 months of my life. I will be praying that God gives you guidance in your ministry and in your personal lives. It's so difficult to feel alone. I know that it draws us closer to God, but I truly don't believe that lonliness is something that Jesus wants for us. Please don't feel like you have to hide your true feelings. If you need to talk, let us know...Kendra

Amanda said...

Hey you guys! I saw your comment on my blog...of course we remember you! Sorry I'm a little slow. December was an INSANE month for both of us and I have barely touched the blog. But it was good to hear from you! Write and let us know how you are doing!