Thursday, December 14, 2006

Crazy Phobia...

I always get on edge this time of year because of my stupid phobias...I am serious, I think I am nuts when it comes to this. There isn't a whole lot that scares me. I hate spiders, don't mind snakes so much and heights don't really bother me. So what am I scared of? Puke! I am always on edge during this season because of the wonderful stomach bug that makes its rounds this time of year. Now I am not a germaphobe on a Howie Mandell level, but when it comes to getting this type of sickness I freak out! I can stand a cold or being knocked out by the flu for a couple of days, but for some reason when it comes to being "sick" with the stomach bug I freak out. It has been this way for some time. When I was growing up any time someone had the bug at our house I would walk around the house with a can of lysol, go out through the basement door where my room was and try to stay as far away from anyone with it as I could.

I know I am crazy. I thought it would get better when I got older, but I still freak out about it. Any time a teen or anyone for that matter says something about not feeling good I freak out. I actually almost make myself sick worrying about being around it and maybe getting the bug! I know I can't keep from getting it-even if I wash my hands all the time, but I still go nuts for some reason.

I don't know what it is...Even when Meg is sick I am almost paralyzed and she makes fun of me because I want to "help" but she knows how scared I get about it.

I don't know if it is the action, the smell, or what, but I just can't deal with vomit...Never could and not sure how I'll ever be able to.

So I am officially crazy....Call the men in white coats, maybe it will get better when we have kids someday. Speaking of kids I think I'll probably be okay with the morning sickness thing because it won't be catching...I KNOW! See how I rationalize it...I am a freak and should get over it, maybe someday!

Running from the fears...


Eric and Kendra said...

I gotta tell you...this issue did not get better for me after having kids. I have been puked on several times at this point, and every time, I make sure the kid is okay, hand him/her to Eric and run to the shower. He cleans up everything and everyone (accept me in the cases where I was puked on). So, good luck with this one! LOL

Amy Rayment said...

It gets even worse when the kid pukes in the car half way through a 12 hour journey. Alex has done it twice now.