Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Update on scrooge

Okay...So since I have already got one nastygram pretty much pointing out how I was "misinformed" allow me to clarify my previous post. I was in no way intending to bash Disney or say that Santa got kicked out of the park. I only posted the article because I found it amusing and it was meant to be a piece of sarcastic satire during the Christmas season. Everyone who knows me (read my archives) knows that I am a fan of Disney and by no means am a Disney basher...So while I appreciate the strange traffic on my blog people please understand I write humor filled with satire and sarcasm. I do not bash people or places that I disagree with, I am just having fun here. So sorry Disney, I wasn't trying to bash you!

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Dan & Angie said...

HAIL sarcasm! The best form of humor.