Friday, March 17, 2006

Mardi Gras

Being in Pensacola is a new adventure for us. We love the area, and there are alot of fun things to do. In February, we got our first taste of a southern tradition (family style) in the event called Mardi Gras. Of course, New Orleans is where are the bad stuff happens with Mardi Gras, but the event actually started in Mobile. Pensacola also has a family friendly version in their parades (held in the daytime) and we got to go this year, with mom and dad. Even though it rained, we had a great time. Here are a few of the pictures we took after the parade. Mom and dad actually went home with 530 strands of beads...

Mom got this Miller hat-some guy placed it on her head. It is so funny because my mom has NEVER drank a day in her life, mix the hat with all the beads that she got and you get quite the party animal.

Dad, mom, and Megan really got into the spirit at the parade. I kind of hung back trying to keep dry because it was raining (a cold rain) and I had on a tshirt. I tried to keep mom dry since she was sitting ankle deep in a puddle, but once the rain stopped it was back to bead collecting. Crazy they are!

I had to put this picture of mom and Megan in, becuase with the amount of beads they have it looks like they were quite the part animals.

Okay, my dad had a little too much fun, and not one drop of alcohol. It proves you don't have to drink to have fun. I tried to convince him that this was a family event and flashing wasn't around, but I guess he just got caught up in the moment...

So after the rain, I was kind of not into Mardi Gras as much since I got soaked, but when we got home, my dad convinced me to lighten up a bit and get in one last "flash"...It's scary, i know.

Well Mardi Gras was quite the experience. It was fun, but the best part was having my folks down...did I mention they've been down here three times since Christmas? I think they are just trying to escape the cold up north.

Thanks guys for coming to see us! We miss you lots!


Dakotaranger said...

Hey McKee! No one wants to see that. Tell your folks I said hi

Matt said...

I'll tell them-mom just had major surgery on her foot thursday that will hopefully get her out of the wheelchair, only downside is that she can't put any weight on it at all for 8 weeks, so they could use your prayers!

Jana said...

Oh my oh my oh my. Well, those pictures just got more scandalous the farther down I scrolled!