Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weight loss goals for the year...

So I have been doing some networking with some other people online who are trying to lose weight as well. One of the guys Lou came up with this plan for weight loss for the year. I think it is manageable and so I am jumping on board with these goals for the year as well. Anyone else interested? Here is the breakdown...

14 pounds by Valentine's day-5 weeks to do so
15 pounds by Easter (April 8th)-7 weeks to do so
10 pounds by Mother's day (may 13th)-5 weeks to do so
10 pounds by July 4th-7 weeks to do so
15 pounds by Halloween (October 31st)-15 weeks to do so
6 pounds by Thanksgiving (November 22nd)-3 weeks to do so
8 pounds by Christmas-4 weeks to do so
2 pounds by New Year's Day-1 week to do so
The pounds and dates are semi random due to holiday's, but it seems manageable. If I am able to do this I will finish 2007 having lost 80 pounds. That would put me close to my target weight of 250. Long term I am wanting to get as low as 200, but that will be for a later date. Anyone else interested? What do you think, are these manageable goals?

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Lisa said...

Great plan! Check out discoveryhealth. com. They are offerring rewards for tracking your health goals!

Good luck.