Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Body weight vs. Body mass

Well today was judgement day at 123fit. I made it through the whole circuit this time training at least at 80% of my target heart rate which is good in order to burn calories and lose weight. The hard part today was stepping on their scale and getting measurements and all of that. The good thing is I haven't gained anything. I am still at 342. The disturbing thing though was that my BMI was 47.1 and my body fat was 60% so I have a long way to go. My measurements were about what was expected, but the body fat part was a shocker. The best part though was that I know I'll never see those numbers again. When I get measured again next month I know I'll weigh less and my numbers will improve.

It's a long journey ahead, but I'll get there with the Lord's help!

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