Thursday, January 04, 2007

#4b. What is a Buckeye? (OT)

Last one...we may not be able to describe what a Buckeye is, but we're still gonna eat some gator come Monday night! GO BUCKS!!!

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Eric and Kendra said...

I have a friend in NY who actually thought that a Buckeye was the eye of a male deer. Seriously! She wouldn't call buckeyes (the candy) by that name because it was disgusting to her. She didn't understand how we Buckeyes could eat something named after the eye of a deer. I am totally not making this up either. We got a good laugh out of it..especially when she started calling them peanut butter blossoms and putting a little peanut butter chip over the little hole where she had used a toothpick to dip them in the chocolate. That's as far as I'm telling this story though. LOL