Saturday, January 06, 2007

The new gym...

So Meg and I decided not to rejoin our gym from last year. I liked it, she didn't so much as she really didn't feel like they wanted to help us get in shape there. It was more like come work out and we'll help if you need us, but unless you pay extra you're on your own. So instead we found a new gym that is run by a Christian family here in town called It just opened up and is a circuit training facility similar to Curves, but it is for men and women. It's really cool-we really feel welcome there and there seems to be a genuine concern for the fitness of everyone there. They are going to set up a fitness tracker with us and we get weighed and measured every month to track our progress, and they are also there to answer all of our questions at no extra charge. So we gave it our first run today and needless to say, it kicked my hind quarters. The goal is to work around the circuit from machine to machine every thirty seconds keeping your target heart rate in the proper area. Let's just say I had no problem keeping mine where it needs to be and I realized just how out of shape I am. Even though I walked three 5k's last year I have a long way to go yet. I am excited about this new opportunity and I think it will be a valuable asset to my weight loss journey. If you are looking for a gym to join I would recommend looking into these facilities and see if they have one around you. The cost is reasonable and the benefits are awesome!

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