Monday, January 15, 2007

Robert E Lee Day...

No kidding! I would like to wish you all a happy Robert E Lee day. What am I talking about? Well of course we all know today is MLK day and we have that to thank for no mail, no banks, and no school-BUT down here, just a little west (8 miles to Alabama) they don't celebrate MLK day, they celebrate Robert E Lee day. I am definitely a Yankee living in a confederate world. It's funny because tonight on the news they will interview southern aficionados about how "similar" these two men were. It is funny to watch. Well I am off to celebrate a day off with Megan!

The south will rise again?


Kendra said...

Seriously? They celebrate Robert E. Lee instead? How eery is that?

Dakotaranger said...

Happy Robert E. Lee Day to you to.

Kendra you really need to do some studying on the man. The Civil War had nothing to do with Slavery until Lincoln violated the constitution with the Emansipation Proclamation. Since slavery was included (however wrongly) in the constitution there was a need for a constitutional amendment. The Proclamation was a political move to keep England from supporting the Confederacy.

The Confederates were fighting for states rights, not slavery. The second Lincoln made it about slavery there were draft riots in New York because they didn't want to fight for...well do your own research because I can't bring myself to use the word even in an academic way.

The reason Robert E. Lee fought for the south was because prior to the Civil War you were a citizen of your state first, an American second. He couldn't see fighting against his own people.

Matt said...

Craig thanks for the information-while I knew some of that I didn't know all of the details! Thanks man I appreciate the added information. I always knew it was about state's rights, but didn't know the rest. Always good to have a history buff around! YOU THA MAN!