Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gator Bait it is...

Well I guess we all know the answer now, this year OSU is gator bait. They said that they key to beating the Buckeyes was going to be shutting down Troy Smith and the offense. They said the SEC was the toughest conference and the Buckeyes didn't stand a chance against an SEC team. Well I would say that the gators definitely shut down the Buckeye offense and this year the SEC gets the title of being the best conference...not to mention how good Chris Leak and the gator offense did as well. So I have to eat my humble pie now and admit that the team I have been bragging about all season got beat. The gators played the better game that is for sure and 41-14 is a pretty rough defeat. That's okay though if you are going to lose I guess the best place to lose is in the national championship game. I'll still wear my scarlet and grey with pride, sing Carmen Ohio at the top of my lungs and say GO BUCKEYES....and hey if nothing else, we beat Michigan-again this year. Great job gators you deserved it, and great job Buckeyes for an awesome season regardless!

What sucks is now all we have is the senior bowl and aloha bowl and then we have to wait until September for more college ball-I hate that! The cool part is the senior bowl is local (Mobile) and it'll be on TV here, but unfortunately I won't make it due to a district event which also hoovers as Troy Smith one of the QB's this year.

Well I'm off to sulk a bit-maybe even cry some (nah probably not that)...but again I say GO BUCKS!!!

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