Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm a bad blogger...

Okay so as of late, I have been a bad blogger...I guess trying to finish up a master's will do that to you. If I can just get this class done only one more left!!! So since I haven't had the chance to put a real post on here recently, let me just offer some advice that I heard recently....HERE GOES....
"Never argue with and idiot...they'll only drag you down and beat you with experience!"

I'll try to be better-My class is done next week, and Meg is going to Orlando for 2 weeks of training for her soon to be promotion (YEAH GOD!) and I am going with her for a week. Since she will be in training all day I am planning on stayin close to the pool and catching up on some books I've been wanting to read, and I plan to post more often starting next week!

One final though for all you American Idol fans- Kellie Pickler is finally gone...YES! Now if Taylor Hicks can only pull it off, but there is some great competition yet to come. And for you survivor fans, I think Terry has got it in the bag, but we'll see.

By the way, and then I am finally done, for you myspacers...I have a site there now, my profile name is reverenddude

Until next week (or maybe a little earlier),


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