Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bird flu?

Given the ridiculously hokey movies that was on last night about bird flu-which I didn't even bother watching, I needed to pass this on to you all because I am a little concerned. Most of you know that we moved to Florida this last year and everything is great here...Until now. They have unfortunately discovered the first cases of bird flu here in Florida and I am pretty sure that this could be a bad thing. They have quarantined us and we are being closely watched. I have been trying to prevent this from being shown in the media, but I thought I would post a picture from the scene just so you know how desperate it is. Please pray for us and that this doesn't mutate and spread to all of us here...

Okay so obviously this was designed to give you a laugh, and I got an extra special kick out of it given the fact that our youth are doing a "flamingo" fundraiser right now. Have a great day, be blessed and laugh because life is too short not to have fun!

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