Wednesday, May 17, 2006

On my mind today...

So yesterday was a bit of a yuck day, it rained so a park was out of the question. Knowing this I hit the road and explored Orlando heading out and seeing the church where I did my mission trip 15 years ago and doing a little shopping at the Mall at Millenia. It was cool to see the church, not a whole lot has changed and I didn't get to see the pastor, but it was still cool to reminisce. I am in ministry today because of that trip and the only reason I went initially was so I could go to Disney for the first time in my life. Funny how the Lord uses things we intend for our glory for His.

After that I picked up a copy of Jeff Dunham's arguing with myself DVD @ Wally world. I highly recommend it if you like ventriloquists. It's not cheesy and it is hysterical, very well done. There is a little language in the video, but you can choose to watch it with "bleeps" or "without." I watched the unbleeped version and there isn't a whole lot of language, but I recommend watching the bleeped first if you get easily offended. Check it out though.

Last night Meg and I headed to Magic Kingdom. We got to do almost everything we wanted and topped the night off with Space Mountain, which still has to be one of the best coasters around. We "watched" the fireworks show "Wishes" as we were leaving and let me tell you, it was AMAZING...maybe it was the Disney "magic" mixed with an awesome soundtrack, but I believe it is one of the best shows I have every seen. There is just something about the fireworks going on with the backdrop of the castle. If you plan a trip to Disney...DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!

This morning, I dropped Meg off and headed to Animal Kingdom for a few hours. I definitely recommend the new Expedition Everest. It is a great coaster once again mixed with the effects, there are times when you really feel like you are going to get hit by the Yeti...and the backwards portion of the coaster pulls some excellent G's. Any coaster buff won't want to miss this one. Then of course I had to hit "It's tough to be a bug," which is a great 4D attraction. I also recommend Dinosaur and the spinning coaster Primevil Whirl, although they can be a bit rough on the rides themselves. Animal Kingdom is definitely worth the time if you are planning a trip.

Well I am off to pick up Meg...and then we are off to Animal Kingdom for a run on Everest and anything else we can get in together. We are gonna end the night with dinner at Rainforrest Cafe which is one of the best ones I've ever seen. Well until next time...
Walkin and talkin with the animals...

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