Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You're from where?

So everyone always teases me that it is inevitable no matter where I go that I will run into someone that I know from somewhere in my past. It happened again today. Meg and I left the Magic Kingdom a little early tonight since we were tired and figured 50 cent wings at BW3's was better than shelling out a bunch of money to eat on Disney property. As we were leaving we were sitting at a traffic light. I looked up at the mini-van in front of us and it had Ohio tags with county number 40 on it. That is Jackson county, which of course is where we lived before we moved down here. Since the light was taking so long I jumped out of the car to see if by chance I recognized the person. I figured they'd either cuss me or laugh one way or the other. Come to find out it was Mike Hill and his family who attend Good Shepherd Wesleyan where I used to work. We had a good laugh, he thought at first that I was coming to "kick his butt," and it was good to catch up with them since we haven't seen them in over two years. So yup, it happened again today, I ran into someone that I know. Does this happen to anyone else?

I'll have pics and summary up soon from our day at the Magic Kingdom including my review of the new Monsters Incorporated Laugh Floor Comedy Club. We were lucky enough to get to check it out today, as I believe it is still in the soft open stage before officially opening soon.

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Chris said...

Isn't that funny? Amy sometimes gets annoyed when I meet someone I know wherever we are. The thing is if I don't know someone, I meet someone new almost all the time and before I know it we are in a conversation.

For instance, I went to AL recently for corporate meetings. When I came back I flew out of Huntsville. I sat near three guys that were going to a seminar up in Minneapolis. We had the same flights! We started talking and since we had an hour layover I ended up having lunch with them.

I love meeting people and getting to know them. It is a great gift that I inherited from my dad who got it from his dad and so on.

Matt keep on knowing those people. You may never know, but there may have been a reason the Hills were there in front of you at that given time.

Life is good.