Tuesday, March 06, 2007

weight loss battle 07-8 weeks in

Not much to report this week, weigh in officially is this Friday (I thought it was yesterday) so I'll have more to report then. Last week was a good week, but I only made it to the gym once so I am a little nervous about Friday's weigh in. This is also the week for the McGuire's 5k so I am pretty stoked about that. It is always one of the coolest events in town with all the Irish pomp and circumstance as well as a cannon start. Last year there were over 7,000 people so I am geeked about this one. This also will be the celebration of 1 real year of activity since the McGuire's was my first race last year. Also different this is a prediction run so I may have a shot at a prize depending on how I time myself. I'll post more this weekend about the weigh in and race. Until then, the battle continues!

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Tim said...

Hey Matt. I couldnt find your email. So I'll give you mine.