Friday, March 09, 2007

weight loss battle 07-8 weeks in (part 2)

Well today was weigh in day for measurements and everything. It was okay, I lost 2 more pounds putting me at 335 which is 7.2 total pounds lost since the first of January. I would have liked the numbers to be higher, but I'll take them. My body fat percentage did go up just a little bit this month (which I expected since I haven't watched my diet that closely and have been a little lax on working out this last month), but is still down from where it started at 60%. I am at 55% total body fat which puts me at a total of 16.72 pounds of fat lost. Sounds good to me. I have also lost a total of 3.25 inches since starting. All in all I am satisfied. My goals for this month are to watch my calories closer and try to make sure I get four days a week in at the gym. I only averaged 2x's a week this last month. That's about it for now! Tomorrow is the McGuire's 5k should be fun!

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