Wednesday, March 07, 2007

AI The Girls week 3

Ladies and gentlemen, your American Idol Season 6 winner is....MELINDA DOOLITTLE! Simply put I think that was the most amazing performance I have seen of any previous performance by anybody. It was like I was watching one of the great Divas live in concert. If she continues like tonight, I really don't see anyone that can beat her. As it relates to the other girls, I liked Gina's take on Evanescence-most might disagree, but not bad for a hard rock performance. The others were good, but not that great, nothing had the wow factor like Melinda's performance though. My pick to go home-Antonella Barba, or at least I hope she goes. If nothing else, have the decency to send her home like you did Frenchie in season two. She posed in lingerie and they got rid of her- there was a report on Scarborough Country the other night that she has semi-nude/nude pics all over the Internet and they haven't kicked her off yet. In fact I guess there were several people who protested at the performances this week because of it. Oh well, I guess you have to have the drama but she can't sing so PLEASE send her home! That's my thoughts how about you?


Shoemaker Family said...

Yes, send Antonella home!!! And Haley!! But, what about Lakisha (sp) - she blew it out of the water last night too! She and Melinda are quite impressive!

dan said...

OK, I've been resisting my AI commentating too long and you've tempted me back in Matt!!!

Melinda - my favorite from the start. I said from the moment she opened her mouth in the audition that she'd be in the top 5. Last night's performance was amazing - HOWEVER, nothing has yet to compare to Kelly Clarkson singing "Natural Woman." She pulled out the Mariah Carey whistle and every attempt since has gone down in flames.

SO Antonella MUST go home, but I fear that she won't. Internet sites everywhere are conducting "save the ________ (insert nasty name here)" campaigns. I have a sinking feeling it may be a Nikki McKibbin repeat (though I HOPE I'm wrong).

Haley - DEFINITELY out. She's going to be awfully sorry for her whole "clock in/clock out" speech last night. She should call Cindy Crawford - they could start a new modeling campaign with their twin moles! :-)

For what it's worth ...


Matt said...

My fear is that she'll stick around as well-same as I said with Sanjaya, I fear it is not about the singing quality anymore but about other things. You guys are right Lakisha did a great job as well and thanks Dan for reminding me about KC's performance, I had forgotten about that one.