Saturday, March 10, 2007

McGuires 5k 2007

Well today as I mentioned was the second go around for me in the McGuire's Irish Pub 5k. This year I posted my best time yet on a 5k at 49:05. I had predicted finishing in 56:29 and since this is a prediction run that put me at over 7 minutes off so needless to say I didn't win, but I was pretty excited about having my best time yet. It was great and I find it easier each time I run one. In fact I felt so good after the race that I went ahead and did the circuit at the gym so I could get my third day in this week. I may pay for it tomorrow, but for now all is good. Here's to learning to run and lowering my time even more next time!

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Kendra said...

Matt...I am so proud of you for doing this! And who cares if you didn't win. You finished in less time than you thought you could, which is fantastic! Keep up the hard work, Matt!