Monday, February 12, 2007

weight loss battle 07-5 weeks in

Well the gym is reopen. Evidently there was a miscommunication on the part of the landlord and the county inspectors, but all is well and so it is back to the grind after a week off from the gym. It was kind of nice to recoup and have some downtime, but the scales show it. I didn't lose any extra weight this last week according to the "official" scales at the gym, but on the flip side of that, my home scales are actually weighing me now, which is great...if Meg is right and there is a 4lb difference between our scales and the gym's then I have lost some more as I am weighing in at 329 on our home scale, but I can't get a consistent reading from them yet though so we'll stick to the official scale at the gym which puts me still at 337, same as last week...oh well, you can't lose every week.

Also on a blog note, sorry I've been sort of quiet this last week, my folks are in town and I am still madly working to write my thesis, PLUS we had revival all last week so I was swamped, all is well though!

The battle continues...

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