Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thanks everyone

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have been praying for me over these last few days. I have these ups and downs and although it seems like there have been a lot of downs lately I know God is good and good things will come of the struggles I am facing. Although it is tough, I know God is stretching me and I am being forced to rely more on him daily. I am sorry to have sounded whiny in my last blog believe me I know my problems pale in comparison to many things that are going on out there today, I have just recently found that if I blog/journal my prayers I communicate them better and it helps me share with those of you who ask how to pray for me. Know that your words have meant the world to me, I really appreciate all of your words of encouragement.

On the upside both of my favorites for AI this year made it through. So I am thrilled to start making phone calls each week to vote for Chris Sligh and Sundance Head...I know I'm pathetic.

God is good, and it's great to have friends like ya'll! I am praying for you as well.


dan said...

Hey Matt - no apologies necessary. Everyone needs a safe place to share joys AND disappointments.

On the AI front - here are my favs:

Chris Sligh (awesome voice - GREAT personality)

Blake Lewis (totally unique - can't "beat" a good beatboxer!)

Not a big Sundance fan - I think he choked in Hollywood and didn't deserve to go on.

Angie and I are both pulling for Melinda Doolittle on the women's end. All the rest of them we could take or leave.

Let the FUN BEGIN!!!!!

Matt said...

yeah I was a little disappointed in his hollywood week, but I am routing for him since he's my "twin" or so my teens tell me. It's gonna be a good season, and I think Melinda has a great voice as well.

Eric and Kendra said...

I hear that Melinda is a friend of Melanie Pherson's from her music business days. I knew she was going to Hollywood before I saw her audition, which was kind of cool. We missed Hollywood week!!! Our dish kind of got frozen and decided to act up at exactly 8:00 on Tuesday night, and it took us until about 9:30 to get it fixed. UGH. So I have no real opinion yet. All I'm going on is their initial auditions, which isn't always the best indicator. Anyway, glad to hear that you are feeling a little more up. I'll keep praying for you!