Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jury Duty...served!

So I forgot to post that I didn't get picked for jury duty. I am not sure what I can say about the case other than it was a civil case, and I'll leave it at that just to keep myself from any possible trouble. So I guess they didn't like my opinions about cases similar to this one so it disqualified me. I honestly wasn't trying to get out of it, I kind of wanted to serve, but I felt I need to be honest, since I was under oath I guess...but here's a quick summary of how the day went...

Wake up...snooze...wake up...realize I better get out of bed and get ready since they make it very clear there are "legal ramifications" if I don't show.

Drive downtown, park the car in a specified location and catch a trolley to the courthouse...yeah really makes me feel like I should be nervous about serving. Get the car parked, catch the trolley, have fun watching people who OBVIOUSLY don't want to be there

Get to the courthouse, go through the security...again making me feel REALLY confident about being here and surviving, proceed to check in.

Stand in line, check in, go to LARGE room with uncomfortable chairs hoping for some type of coffee or breakfast...YEAH no go on that one

Listen to my stomach growl realizing I should have eaten something since they didn't provide anything...also realizing my eyes were very heavy since I hadn't had that nectar which brings life in the morning...COFFEE!!! The only option was vending machine coffee which is just gross.

try to stay awake then greeted by fellow church member who was selected for duty also, talk about youth group and church to stay awake for the time being.

Greeted by over zealous judge and court workers who tell us how happy they are that we are if we had a choice (but remember I DID want to serve just this once)...told to watch really outdated video about jury service...almost fell asleep

Really outdated video interrupted by a need for 40 jurors...Lord please let me be one so I don;t have to sit in these really uncomfortable chairs...YES I'm picked, but did I mention how much I hate being called Mr. W.M. McKee (they could at least read the whole name)

Proceed to court room and answer many questions in front of the judge, attorneys AND clients-which was really uncomfortable since I am sure the clients thought we were judging them, I know we had to do it, but I sure hope these people who I have never met and never will again most likely don't think I am a bad person because of my answers, but I had to be honest.

After 2 hours of questions informed I would not be selected for this jury...told to proceed back to really large room with uncomfortable chairs. Finally cleared to grab some lunch (did I mention my stomach was growling?) and be back at 1:15 to await more orders (in really uncomfortable chairs).

1:15-nothing, except a bunch more people who just arrived back from not being selected, they were cleared until 2...and us...told to wait again in really large room with uncomfortable chairs and no complimentary drinks until then!

2:00-nothing except a sore butt

2:15-see above

2:30-finally some news-my group will "not" be needed and cleared to go, with full credit of service for one more year!

So no comfortable chairs, no complimentary drinks, and a few hours later and I have fulfilled my civic duty for the this really how it is supposed to work? I love this country!

So until next more jury duty!

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