Wednesday, February 14, 2007


God I am so discouraged tonight. I just don't understand what I am doing wrong. I don't understand why these teens don't like me. I am pouring myself into them and doing all I can do, yet when it comes to youth night, a fun outing, or spiritual event they don't come. Friday night we had the senior high night out and only 3 came, tonight for the TLW rally only one "wanted" to come and we had to drag the other three to get them to go. I hear things like "they're too busy," "the have to do this school event," or worse yet and the one that hurts the most-"they went to another church with so and so." Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for the ones who do come, but I am discouraged.

God I don't know what to do, am I too hard on them because I want them to see the awesome things God has to offer and become all that they can for Him? Am I not fun enough? Do I preach too long? Do I not play enough games? Is it because I sometimes side with their parents or try to help them see that we as adults (parents too) do love them? I have been trying everything I know how to do and yet they still don't come or they bring the mood down when they do come. What am I doing wrong? Are they trying to push me out? Do they want us to leave? We are trying so hard to show them we care and spend time with them as much as we can, but something isn't working.

I know you aren't done with us here yet. God, I am very thankful for the kids who do come. The one's that do show up when we have an event have a great time as do we when they are here-all of them are awesome, middle school and high school. God use these kids to help us break through and have something great happen with our ministry.

God I'm not going to give up, but I am just discouraged tonight, please touch my heart this evening, I need your love tonight.

God I won't give up on these kids, but please show me FFH would sing, "Lord move...or move me."

Thanks abba,

Your child Matt


Shoemaker Family said...

Praying for you and you guys' ministry today.

Chris said...

Father God,

Right now, I want to lift my brother Matt up to you. So many times he has been there for me Lord. He has been there to minister and to pray for me. Father, hear my prayer.

Give him the courage to continue in this ministry. Give him the strength to keep going. Father, please embrace him and Megan right now. Hold them both so very tight and please show them You are there. May they sense Your presence today. Please be with them now. Amen.

Matt - you have helped me so many times. My brother, I hope that today God restores you.

Eric and Kendra said...

Matt...In reading your blog over the last several months, my heart has broken for you many times. I know what it feels like to have a tough time in ministry, and my prayer is that God gives you the strength to get through. I know He will because He promises that very thing. It is difficult to stay put when the challenges are so big, but God is obviously growing you right now and has a purpose for your time there. I wish there was something truly encouraging that I could say to you, but what I can say is the best thing ever, and that is that I am praying for you...Kendra you realize that we have now known each other for over half of our lives? Crazy isn't it?

dan said...

Hey Matt,

As a co-laborer in vocational ministry, I know there's nothing that I can really say that will help you to feel better. Hopefully it will help to know that you have a lot of friends who believe in you and that God has an amazing plan for your life and ministry.

I often wonder how discouraged God must be at His children who act just like your teens ...

"God, I can't make it to church today because the weather is just too nice."

"God, I can't help with that church function because we haven't been to our lake place in a while."

"God, I'm just so tired. It's been a long week and I just need a chance to sleep in."

I hear ya Matt - sometimes ministry can be seriously discouraging. But I think it's that discouragement (Hybels calls it "holy discontent") that motivates us to press on and make a difference for Christ.

Hang in there. Whether it feels like it or not, you ARE making a difference.