Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Show me the money...

Did anyone else see this show last night? I just happened to catch it out of curiosity because it is being hosted by the "shat" and so I thought it might be worth watching. The premise of the game is deal or no deal meets jeopardy. There are 13 girls who do a rather cheesy dance to the theme music of the show (complete with synchronized claps) and who also hold various dollar amounts. You get the chance to answer some trivia questions (which most seemed pretty easy in my opinion) and then you pick a dancer who then reveals a dollar amount or the "killer card." If you answer right you get the dollar amount ranging from 20k-250k. You get to answer as many questions as possible until you get either 6 right or wrong with your dollar amounts going up or down depending on if you are right. If you get the killer card you either get it right or have to answer the "killer" question which means either you are still in with the same amount of money or leave with nothing. Last night one guy left with a ridiculous amount of money (500K if I remember right) and another left with nothing thanks to the killer card (good move on the editors part). All in all the game show is okay, but the pace is slow and the cheese factor is a little too high for my taste but check it out and see what you think. It premiers next Wednesday the 22nd.

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