Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jesus "Ridin' Dirty"

If you were to visit my friends Dan and Angie in dangieland (, you could find their post from awhile back about church signs. We all know they are annoying and a bit overboard most of the time. I have been guilty of such sayings as "Tired of DQ? Try our Sundays" as I was in charge of the church sign at my last church (it was one of those "other duties as assigned things from my job description). However, as I was driving through Pensacola the other night I saw what I think was the king of all corny church signs. If you aren't familiar with the song "ridin' dirty" by chamillionaire that is where they got it...I think. The song is a foul rap song, but popular and so I guess the church was wanting to be culturally relevant. I understand the importance of being culturally relevant, but this is ridiculous. Here it is...Living proof...
I laughed out loud. Props to the church for being this bold, but I still think it is funny...I think I'll change our sign to say "Jesus wants me to be white and nerdy" to quote the Weird al parody of the song.

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Dan & Angie said...

OH man ... what will we think of next?