Thursday, November 06, 2008

NYWC-Yaconelli disco fever...

I was REALLY looking forward to Mark Yaconelli's session on Sunday morning. The main reason is that I knew it would be an opportunity to step back and slow down on purpose. I was first introduced to Mark two years ago when I went through his soul care critical concerns course. I was ready to give up before I took the class, but God really did a work in my life that weekend (you can read about that journey in the October 2006 archives)and I believe my life was changed forever. Even though I am in sort of a sweet spot in ministry right now I knew that God would have something for me I just didn't know what. Mark spoke on the "soul" and how it functions in our lives. First he suggested that the soul is the place of constant wonder and encouraged us to step back and become members of the "slow club" taking in everything that God has to offer around us and in our lives. He also mentioned that the soul is the place that holds suferring, but it is also the place that waits for joy. After saying that he talked about how he danced through his sorrows as a child and then encouraged us to remember the "dance" in our lives. For me that meant remembering the good times and seeking for joy even in the midst of sorrow. The he did what you just witnessed, he broke into dance. I'll have to admit disco is not my inner dance (I think I'm a little more MC Hammer), but I wept as I remembered just how awesome it is to serve God and the amazing things he has done in my life. I am praying that I will daily find time to "dance" and remember to take care of my own soul while trying to help save the souls of the students I work with. Thanks again Yac, your dad would be proud!

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