Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Final election thoughts

The election is over. Another president has been elected. For some he was the right pick, for others not so right. Some see him as a positive leader who can help bring a divided nation back together and others see him as the Antichrist (I'm not joking, there are those out there who have done their "research" and think he is the one) or simply a liberal "baby killer."

Whatever your opinion is of President-elect Obama, he is the next president and we now have a choice to make. We can choose to stay divided and talk about how he's not the best one for the job, how he is setting back the pro-life movement, and how he will soon be moving us to a socialist nation with big government control, or we can choose to get behind him and pray for him. More than anything, he needs our prayers.

I am not talking about praying for him to have a Damascus road experience where God changes him completely (only God knows where he stands) and makes him into what we feel a follower of Christ should be, but we need to pray that God will give him wisdom and guidance as he tries to lead this nation. Yes he has been elected, nothing will change that now regardless of your opinion of him-America spoke and the decision has been made.

I have heard people say why they chose not to support Obama and I have heard people say why they support him. Most of the time it is revolving around one issue, maybe its abortion, maybe its the economy, the war on terror, or maybe even health care-here is what we need to realize though, it is about so much more than one issue. That is why I chose a long time ago to not align myself with one particular candidate because of their party affiliation. I am a member of one of the political parties and always will be, but I do not vote along party lines. If we align ourselves to a candidate because of one party or another because of our specific beliefs then we have just made God about politics. Sure we should vote with our Christian convictions, but if we choose our candidate specifically because of one issue then we miss the bigger picture.

So now that the election is over we have a choice to make. Obama has been elected whether or not that was your pick. We can't change it now, but we can choose to pray for our new president and our nation. I'm sure I'll officially be branded a liberal now and I probably just ticked a few people off, but will you join me in praying? Thoughts?

Proud to be an American,


Kendra said...

Matt, I agree with you on much of this. I feel like so many Christians are surprised when I tell them that I pray for people like Obama. I remember someone looking at me like a freak back in college when I said I was praying for President Clinton. Seriously. I don't get it. Whether or not we supported Obama in the election has to be beside the point now. We need to be praying for the future leader of our nation now and throughout his term in office. I also know of a couple of people who have also said he could be the antichrist(not people who I would trust to make such an assessment). I just keep telling them that it isn't something I need to worry about. The same God is in control of our nation today who will be in control in January, and when the antichrist appears,whoever that may be, we get to go HOME for good. I'm ready for that. How about you?

Matt said...

kendra-you are so right and I think the reason I posted that and the reason that I get so ticked off is because we want to fit God into our little conservative republican belief system and that forces us to say things like you can't be a Christian and a democrat and also buys into the look that your friend gave you. God is so much bigger than a political party! Thanks for the thoughts!