Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Movie Review-007:Quantum of Solace

Here are my thoughts about the new Bond movie: All in all I liked it because of the new twists with the character of James Bond. I don't think it was as good as last year's Casino Royale though. However, the action sequences were good and I think Daniel Craig pulls off a good James Bond. I like the character of M, but if these are supposed to take place before the other Bond movies it would be better if they would have a younger actress playing the role instead of Dame Judy Densch.
The only problems I had with it was the fact that the movie seemed to be 2 hours of Bond traipsing around the world angry, killing anything that gets in the way. I know the character is supposed to be dealing with grief and a desire for revenge, but it just seemed to consume the movie more than the underlying story of figuring out who was behind the Quantum organization. Also the said action sequences seemed to go back and forth a little too fast for this guy. It almost made my head hurt to watch it.
As for teachable moments, this isn't a movie I would take a youth group to see, but I'd go see it with students if they were going. You could have some great discussions on dealing with grief, anger, and revenge after seeing the movie.
Overall not a bad flick, it's not the best Bond movie, but not the worst either. Grade B-



I know I shouldn't comment on a movie I haven't seen, but I was greatly disappointed with Casino Royale. Daniel Craig lacks the suaveness of the previous Bonds. I will evential see it, but this Bond choice was a horrible one.


I just saw Quantum of Solace tonight. Other than parts of the movie that point towards a trumped up global warming myth, Daniel Craig is no James Bond. They should have kept Pierce Brosnen. Craig has no Charisma, isn't suave, and doesn't deliver a tradional humerous quip at all. Being a long time of the franchise I hope they find a new James Bond, because this idiot is horrible.