Monday, November 05, 2007

Thoughts on the fall tv season...

Well I have finally had a little bit of time to check out the fall shows and get into a viewing pattern, so as promised here are my thoughts on fall television thus far. Let me know what you think...

MONDAY-NBC takes the cake again this year with their lineup. Chuck is perhaps the best new "dramedy" on tv. Heroes is even better this year and I find myself hating the wait for the next weeks new episode. Finally there is Journeyman about a reporter who is an unwilling time traveller. It is defintely worht watching. The only other show I watch on Monday nights (or when I can get to it) is the new CBS comedy Big Bang. It is a comedy about two geniuses who live next door to a not so genius blonde. It provides some great humor and is a good look into society and the stereotypes we have about geeks and blondes. It's worth checking out.

TUESDAY-Tuesday finds me flipping between NBC/ABC. First it's The Biggest Loser and then over to Boston Legal. TBL is good again this year, but I hate the fact that at the beginning of the season they made some of them feel like rejects again before letting them know they were still going to be on the show. Boston Legal I got hooked on last year late, simply because I think the Denny Crane character is hysterical, and i find the cases (althought unreal) intriguing. Two to skip on Tuesday though are Cavemen and Carpoolers. Cavemen was a HUGE letdown and is not the least bit funny. Carpoolers just doesn't keep my attention . I don't see either of them lasting (but I've been wrong before)

WEDNESDAY-Wednesday of course is church night but I record the shows I like and catch them later. Pushing Daisies is a hit as far as I am concerned. It is original, witty, and I love the fairy tale type storylines complete with narrator. It has a bit of a Tim Burton-esque feel that catches my attention. The new Bionic Woman is okay, but I am not 100% sold on it yet. The same goes with Private Practice-I am just not commited to it yet. Two shows I could do without are Kid Nation-I had high hopes for it and didn't even make it through one episode and Phenomenon, which even though I love magic is just not good enough for me.

THURSDAY-Thursday of course includes all the returning shows with Survivor-which is decent this year but I fear on its last leg, The Office and My name is Earl on NBC, and one that I wrote off last year but am now a big fan uf-Ugly Betty on ABC. In fact Ugly Betty is perhaps one of my favorite shows right now, although the adult themes (all of the craziness in the fashion world) do bother me sometimes. Another ABC staple that I have started watching is Grey's Anatomy. While it is more drama than I like sometimes, it provides a good medical drama since ER just isn't good anymore (i'm surprised it is still on).

FRIDAY-When we are home Friday sees us watching Friday Night Lights, which I had written off last year, but again turned out to be a good show. This year it is a little bit edgier but the stories are more compelling. Also I have started checking out Numb3rs on CBS. This cop drama intrigues me in the fact that I know there are people that smart out there.

So that is my viewing pattern for the fall. Any others I am missing that I should check out? I am still getting caught up, but there are others that I am starting to check out like Big Shots, Life, Moonlight, and Dirty Sexy Money which I haven't watched yet.


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