Monday, November 26, 2007

It's time for a playoff...

Okay, so I am thrilled that there is still a snowball's chance in the place of eternal punishment that the Buckeyes may make THE game. It also helps that we beat Michigan...AGAIN! I do feel bad though, Lloyd car was a great coach and I hope it wasn't just because of the loss to OSU. Best wishes to him though.

With all that said though, It is time to let the BCS go and just have a playoff...put them all on the field and let them battle it out. Most likely Hawaii will remain unbeaten and we'll be in the same boat we were with Boise State last year.

Here's to a screwy season and maybe another chance for the Buckeyes...and to hopefully at least tailgating at the game if the Buckeyes make it since it is SO close. We'll see!

PS...check out my good friend Briana's profile sporting the Scarlet and grey as a Michigan fan (since she lost a friendly "wager"). Here's the link-

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