Tuesday, November 06, 2007

On the record...

Can ya help me?

I've just signed a petition to the 2008 presidential candidates asking them to go on the record and tell us exactly where they stand on fighting extreme poverty and global disease.You can take action on this important cause too by visiting http://www.one.org/ontherecord




First off, it not the governemnts responsibility to end poverty. Shoot, billions of dollars spent on our 'war on poverty' and we are still stuck in the same quagmire that we were still in when LBJ started.

2nd,throwing money at the problem hasn't worked yet and still won't.

3. Raising taxes will cut tax revenues. The Bush tax cuts has given the US record tax revenue.

4. It's up to individuals to help their fellow man, but at the same time the helpee must want to be helped.

5. UN cultural regions. Not a good idea, because the "world" has declared some of the poorest regions in the world a cultural necessity to preserve. In other words keeping the poor-poor.

6. Evidently, NAFTA has failed to provide jobs south of the border, in spite of factories moving south.

7. Ending Maleria. This means lifting the ban on DDT.

8. Putting humans first over the enviroment. See post about the Army Corps of Engineers.

9. End welfare. See post about government officials wasting money flying first class.

10. Let people keep more of their money. End social programs that take up to much tax money.

11. Allow people to be self-suficent. This means allowing them to fail as well as succede.

12. Cause more liberty and freedom in this world.

The thought that government can end something that Christ has promised will be with man until the end is at best pollyanish, at worst marxist. I CANNOT sign such a document, but being a believer in freewill others can do what they will. Just realize that ideas like this give more power to government and in the end take away more freedom from the populace. See Samuel's warning to the Israelites when they begged for a king.

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