Monday, July 02, 2007


Well today I finally feel like I have some closure in an area I have been dealing with for a couple of months now. Today I received an answer to prayer, and truth be told although I didn't like the answer I got at first, God very specifically answered the prayer I asked.

This whole topic is a long story, so here is the short version. Two years ago I left Jackson, Ohio to come here to Pensacola. I left on good terms and still to this day am very close to the members of the church. Deep down I have/have had the desire to return there some day. Given the situation there at this time as well as my current situation here I had been praying about sending my resume and applying to be the senior pastor there. Last week I had a conversation with my current senior pastor and decided that it was at least worth looking into. I had been hesitant to send my resume and put in for the position, because I did not (and still do not) know for sure what the future holds for us. Honestly I was afraid to send it because I didn't even want to consider the possibility of breaking the hearts of the people there again-they mean so much to Megan and I. However, we both prayed and decided to at least throw our name in the hat.

Be careful how you pray, as sometimes God does answer just as you ask Him. My prayer was very specifically that if we were not to go back to Jackson that I would not be offered the chance to candidate there or be offered the position. That was exactly how God answered my prayer. I spoke with the vice-chairman of the board there who I respect very much, and he told me that while they have seen growth and maturity in me they felt at this time they needed someone with a little bit more experience. I understand completely why they went the direction they went. So for now I have received the closure I need in that area. Although I was a little sad, I know that God answered my prayer and He has big plans both for the church and for Meg and I.

There still are some uncertainties that I will share as things develop, and we would appreciate your prayers in all of this.

God is good!


Kendra said...

I have been wondering what was happening with this. Thanks for the update. I'm sad that you aren't planning to move back to OH for now, but I'm glad to know that God is answering your prayers and revealing His will for you and Meg. And time you're in OH, remember that between Marion and Chillicothe lies this little town called Columbus where friends live would would LOVE to see you!

Matt said...

yeah we havent tried to get ahold of ya'll the last two times because it has been a marathon trip. But next time, we will be getting ahold of ya''s BD's Mongolian sound?