Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Movie review-Transformers (2007)

Well I said I would be there opening night...actually what I meant was that if I was lucky enough, I would be there BEFORE opening night and that was the case. We have a new member here at the church who works in radio and so I had the chance to be a part of a special pre-screening of the movie last night. Needless to say despite my fears from disappointment in the novel I was not disappointed in the movie one bit. It was like every childhood battle scene brought to life. From a Transformers fan standpoint, it was AMAZING...Michael Bay and ILM did not drop the ball on this one.

Let me say this though...it is not a family movie. This is a "man's man" movie full of action from start to finish. There is a considerable amount of language and there are sexual references and innuendo, so don't take the kiddos to this one.

My message to all the fanboys out there who are complaining about the changes is GET OVER IT! Sure there are changes, but it still gets the theme across of the original and I think does a great job of bringing the Transformers to the 21st century. Most of the popular characters are back and there are a few new ones

I wouldn't make a youth group trip out of it, but most likely teens are going to see it so take advantage of that and talk with them about it. It is a good relationship builder and there are a few "jewels" of teachable moments in the movie. Of course just like Hollywood today, the language and sexuality is very prominent-so use discretion.

I give it an A!




Yeah, but I still wish they wouldn't have been such wusses and kept Megatron a Walther P-38


I finally got to go see it. It is the best action film I've seen in years Five Stars.