Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meet me in St. Louis...

Well I am in St. Louis this week for NYC-Nazarene Youth Conference. For my Wesleyan friends, it is basically the equivalent of our big youth conference that happens every four years as well. There are some similarities, and ALOT of differences, but this week I am running around with 9500 other people from the US and Canada. It is a great event and the speakers are wonderful so far, but if I am being honest I sort of feel like an unknown in a sea of strangers. This is good as I am meeting more people in the Nazarene Church and starting to figure out who is who here, but it also makes me miss the Wesleyan church since I am not likely to run in to anyone I know like what happens at the Wesleyan youth conventions.

It is a great even though, and it isn't about me. Pray that God will open up new doors in my life and ministry this week and also that He will work in the lives of the students I am here with!

Talk to you soon!

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John Howell said...

Matt - growing up I had the opportunity to attend both the Nazarene Youth Conferences and the Wesleyan Youth Conferences! I am quite confident that God will greatly bless you and teach you while you are in St. Louis! Have a great time and enjoy it!