Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weekly Idol Rant-5/2

So I posted this video as a tribute to everyone's favorite idol wannabe since William Hung-Sanjaya Malakar. It almost hasn't been the same since he went bye-byeuh and so I thought I would post this video tribute for the week. Now on to the rant...

It is getting harder and harder to pick out who will go each week. I was prety impressed with the performances last night with props going to Blake for sure. I thought his performance was the best with Lakisha and Melinda coming in a close second.

As for the results, I am rather frustrated that Phil Stacey went home over Jordin. She is okay and had a great performance last week which I am sure is what kept her around. Phil's performance this week was much better than hers though. My fear is that she is going to win it all since they like her. She is just not an idol though in my opinion-although I have several people who say the same thing about Melinda. As far as Chris going home, no big surprise as far as I am concerned, he never really wowed me anyway. He's just a little too Timberlake for my taste.

Well that's the rant for the week-on to the final four!


dan and angie said...

You surprise me Matt! We've been pulling for Jordin for weeks now (although we'd be equally thrilled for either Jordin OR Melinda to win). Jordin is the most marketable person on AI this year - young, beautiful, bubbly, gets better every week ... she's a producer's dream!

Last night's results were no surprise - saw them coming from a mile away. I do, however, think that if it weren't for this week's votes, Lakisha would have headed home last week.

NOW it gets interesting!

Kendra said...

I have loved Jordin since the top 24! I kept telling Eric that Melinda and Lakisha seemed to be front-runners and that Jordin was getting overlooked. She isn't getting overlooked anymore. I think she'll be top 3, if not top 2. I was sad to see Phil go this week simply because I like the guy and think he is more marketable and more consistent than Lakisha, but what do I know? I guess we'll all be sitting on the edge of our seats for the next few weeks!