Thursday, May 24, 2007

Movie review-Shrek the Third

So before I write this, I have to preface the post with the understanding that the Shrek character will always be close to my heart. I am going to like the character and the movies, no matter how many they put out. There are two reasons really-the first being that one of my first dates with Megan was going to see the original Shrek at the drive in theater. I also like the character because he is a lovable big guy with self-esteem issues and I can relate to him-granted I am not a big green ogre, but I can still relate.

So with that said, let me say that I did enjoy this movie. I thought it was better than the second one, but not as good as the first. Again we see Shrek setting off on another adventure that will cause him to come to a better understanding of who he is and how he fits into the world in which he lives. All of the movies have carried this similar theme and I like them for youth ministry because we all have students who are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit into the world. There are several teachable moments in this film as in the other two.

As it relates to kid friendly, I would be a little hesitant to take my younger kids to see it. Obviously it is laced with several "adult" jokes that we are meant to get, and there is also a reference to "where babies come from" that could result in an unwanted discussion with your yung'ins if you take them. Of course there is the potty humor which even though I am not a junior high boy I still find humorous that is good for a few laughs as well. With that said, use your discretion.

Overall it was a good movie. My fear is if they don't stop while they are ahead they will lose out. I am not sure where else they could go with it. There is no reason to bring back Farqwaad-they did that with Shrek 4d (also available as Shrek 3d on DVD) at Universal so that has been done. I think a trilogy is a good way to end the story, but we'll see.

For me I would say this is a matinee viewing unless you are a hardcore Shrek fan-which in that case you most likely have already seen the movie. It could also score as a rental, but I am just a fan of seeing movies on the big screen.

Well that's my thoughts about it...anyone else?

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dan said...

Angie and I completely agree with your review Matt. We even said it ourselves - better than the second, not as good as the first.

Better than Spiderman 3 though.

SOOOOOOO many movies to see this summer ...