Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nothing spiritual just TV...Part deux

So I promised to follow up my fall TV post with another one and I just haven't had the chance until now, so here are my thoughts on the two other shows that I'll be watching this fall.

Ugly Betty: Thursdays 8 PM

Now, this one is up against some great competition in Survivor, My name is Earl, and The Office, so if you don't have a DVR I would say skip it until reruns, but it is a good show. Megan loves it, and I'll be honest, although the plot line is a little slow, its redeeming value comes in the confidence of Betty and the occasional "goodness" of the publisher of the magazine who is slowly realizing that image is not everything. It is a cute show though about a Hispanic college grad fresh our into the world of the fashion industry. I really like the fact that it goes against everything Hollywood that says you have to look a certain way to make it in today's world. It fits right in with the "campaign for real beauty" that Dove (I think its Dove) is running. I'll try to find that video and post it later this week. So in the midst of all the good shows check out this "not so ugly" show.

Friday Night Lights: Tuesday 8:00

So the joke about this new show is "if it's about Friday night lights and football, then why isn't it on Friday night." Simple note from communications classes in college and what I know about entertainment: despite the good old days of TGIF you send a show to Friday if it is on its way out...That's why. Anyway though I'll have to admit after seeing the movie of the same name and all the hype about this show I have been a little disappointed in it. However, as the season is developing it is getting a little better, but the plot is a little slow. I honestly don't see this one making it past this year, but I'll keep watching it to see how it goes. The premise here is pretty much the same as the movie...Football in west Texas, which I have been informed by a gentleman in our church IS just like what you see on TV. This town is driven by football and everything revolves around how the team does. Enter a new coach, injured QB and new back up and there is your premise for the show. Then of course you have to throw in the teen love triangles, family conflict and more and there you have it. There isn't a lot on Tuesday's right now except Dancing with the Stars, which is a skipper for me so I say check it out and see what you think.

Those are my thoughts on the new shows this year. I still have to say the new favorite is definitely Heroes (Mondays at 9:00). It's definitely a character drama season for me this year, the sitcoms haven't done much for me. If you want to know what I thought of the other new ones this season, check out my previous blog from the archives.

What do you think?


Feltzy said...

High school football in West Texas is life and is just as crazy as in the show! I mean-I have heard stories about the CHEERLEADERS fighting each other. One of my RA's said that she would never consider going to a college that had the same colors as her rival high school because the emotions run so deep!

Matt said...

WOW...that is unbelievable. I had heard it was bad, but didn't know it was that bad. I was watching the show the other night and it is starting to develop a bit more, but I just don't know if it has what it takes to make it. The funny thing about football in west TX is that from what I understand, it is all there is out there! I suppose it would be that important if there was nothing else to and I thought OSU/MI was a crazy rivalry