Saturday, October 07, 2006

A death wish?

Okay some may say that I am crazy and that I have a death wish for what I am about to do today. I am going to wear my Ohio State jersey in Austin. I am hoping that everyone is too preoccupied with the Red River shootout to worry about little old me today, but in all seriousness I am hoping just to have some fun with people today at the convention. After all they ruined our season last year and I've got a right to brag this year don't I? All in good fun though, no harm...I just hope I don't come across that one die hard fan (but hopefully they are up in Dallas watching the game) who desires my life as a sacrifice to Bevo the mascot. I'll hold off on saying go Sooners though...Maybe.

Until tonight...GO BUCKS and BOOMER SOONER (oops I said it)!

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