Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gotta love the powder puff...

So if you make a list of teen events that aren't my favorite to attend you know the obvious ones...Junior high band/chorus concerts, dance recitals, SOME school plays, and maybe a few more. It is all a part of youth ministry though, and we do it because it lets the kids know we care. I started to add powder puff football to that event, until last night.

Sunday night, one of my seniors Erin asked if I would come to her powder puff game as this week is homecoming. Now if you have never been to one of these events, know it is definitely something...The girls play the football (flag football) and the guys are the cheerleaders (to the tune of obnoxious outfits complete with balloons up the shirt). That in and of itself was entertaining, but I was worried about the game at first. It just seemed to drag on at first...Junior versus seniors, stopping the clock after every play, juniors running away with the game due to one REALLY fast girl. Meg and I were about to go since we had been to most of the game, had already touched based with Erin's mom,Erin had seen us and waved, and we saw a couple of other parents and some other students and adults. I felt like we had done our part and we needed to get Meg home since she had an early field trip this morning. Then it happened...
  1. Large African American junior-push on play one to AA senior girl (who was just as large)
  2. Large African American senior-hard block on play 2-trash talk ensues (which was in language I am not quite sure I understood-or chose to block out since there was some profanity)
  3. *warning from officials*
  4. LAA junior on third play-hard block back and chaos ensues...Officials pulling girls off each other, words flying everywhere,Erin just looks at us and laughs...Which Meg and I were doing also
I LOVE THIS I went home and watched Friday night lights (the tv show) just to keep the football energy going

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