Monday, December 12, 2005

Not a bad weekend after all

What's up folks? Well it is a Monday which is what it is no matter how you look at it, but it is shaping up to be a good day and a great week hopefully. I thought I would blog a few lines and let ya know what has been shakin since my last rant Saturday. Service went well yesterday. I had to don my superhero costume and be "Brad" for kidstuf yesterday (Which is fun except for the fact that I have to put makeup on right now to cover my goatee)- The skit was a funny one and I really enjoyed it. This kids program is starting to take off and more and more of my teens are getting involved in it so it is a double blessing in that it provides them with an opportunity to serve in ministry and feeds the youth group as these kids grow up). I inherited a fundraiser I didn't know about yesterday where the teens are supposed to pass out the Christmas cards and people make donations. It's a lot of work, but hey the teens made 70 bucks yesterday, can't complain about that. After service I decided I would bury the hatchet with this parent who was giving me grief. I decided that if there was ever any way I was going to get them on my side I needed to get this talked through. He just happened to have to lock up yesterday so I spent a few minutes talking with him and everything is fine. He is just as concerned about kids being left out as I am and I think that is why he was so upset the day before. It all boiled down to one of those miscommunication things for me which was a reminder to make sure that people are always OVER informed no matter what (rookies if there are any of you, take note of that). I have been relying too much on the bulletin, power point, and word of mouth. So things are good there. I tried again to plug him into helping on some level (with communication especially-email or whatever) but he like most parents is reluctant to get involved since his daughter is in the youth ministry so no go on that yet. So the weekend was great and did I mention saw LW&W twice and it gets better every time! I'll prob see it again. Everything ended last night with going to Meg's office party at a place here in town called the FishHouse (it is an upscale seafood place I guess). It was alright-a lot of fancy finger food which didn't look that great to me, besides I was more interested in getting home and watching the Survivor:Guatemala finale. I missed the first part of Lydia getting voted out (shame, I kinda wanted her to win), but was able to see the rest. I was pretty shocked though that Danni pulled it off, but I am glad it was her and not Stephanie. They kept claiming that Danni was all about strategy, but I still think it was more about her being in the right place at the right time. Stephanie probably did deserve it since she "played the hardest" and did it twice, but I just didn't like her and it looks like she just burnt too many bridges playing the game. And I wasn't the least bit surprised that Judd showed himself like he did. There is always one. So survivor is done until January or February. It looks like it could be a pretty good season with the whole Exile island thing. Time will tell. Well that is about all for now. Be encouraged, trust the Lord and give him your all. Talk to you soon!

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