Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's Revolution

Have you ever been on a journey that wasn't easy or fought a battle many times that you have never won? Well that is right where I am at. The new year is always a time when we make resolutions...I HATE resolutions, that's why this year I am not making any. However, I have asked the Lord to help me start a new year's revolution in a couple of different areas. First I have asked Him to really break through into the lives of my teens this year. We are making progress, but it is a tough battle and the enemy is trying very hard to keep them from achieving their potential in Christ. With His help this will be their year to finally "get it" and make big strides in their walks with Him. On a personal level, for those of you who know me I have fought a battle with my weight pretty much all of my life and I have reached a point where if things don't change I know I will be taking years off of my life if I haven't already. 2006 is going to be a year of revolution for me, I really believe it. Please pray for my teens and also for me as we fight these battles. Also if you are interested in following my personal battle I have started a new blog that will deal specifically with my weight battle. The site is Thanks for your friendship and prayers and may 2006 be a year of New Year's Revolutions for you as well.
In Him,


Dakotaranger said...

Wouldn't not making resolutions in and of itself be making a resolution?

Sorry couldn't help myself

Matt said...

okay yeah i guess you are right, but that doesnt mean I have to call it that!