Friday, December 23, 2005

I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas...

"I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas, you know the ones without the snow...where the beaches glisten, and the wind aint whistlin..." Okay so it is a work in progress, but that is the case for me. We were flying into Dayton the other night, the plane turned to make its approach, I looked down, and there is was, the nasty stuff known as snow. I'm definitely ready to head south again. I didn't like the cold before, but now that I live where it is warm most of the time, I hate it even more. I think next year I am going to ask people to come to us for Christmas...let them experience a warm Christmas without the cold and snow. The snow hasn't been falling, but it is on the ground and the wind has been ridiculously cold-it was like 15 below with the wind chill yesterday. I can't take that, even with my winter coat which I kept I am still chilled to the bone. I know, I am a wuss and should just let it be, but I am cold. Then add on top of the cold the in-laws and it makes for an interesting mix. I love being in Ohio and seeing family and friends, but I will definitely be ready to head home come Monday. Have a great Christmas and we'll talk to you soon!


Feltzy said...

Give me a break! Check out my blog for a picture of REAL snow baby! I am loving the snow-I don't think I will ever miss having a white Christmas (especially if I know in the back of my mind that I will be heading back to the warmth very soon!) Seriously though, don't be too eager to head out again because it will be a long time again before you will get to bask in the love of your family. Take it from a still single guy-Being around family and things familiar counts for an awful, awful lot these days!!!

Have a Wonderful Christmas!!!

Matt said...

Oh yeah, I agree, don't get me wrong, and I already saw your picture of real snow...that's a bit much for me. It was a great visit, and I was just "venting" since it is an online journal, but I really did enjoy the time with my family, and hated to come back down here-but it is 70 and sunny today, that's gotta count for something! Thanks for your friendship brother, great to be back in touch with you!