Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We had the chance this last weekend to head to Ohio for a little long weekend. We decided since it was a short weekend we would fly instead of drive. Normally we are looking at 350 to 400 for a round trip flight from Pensacola to Ohio. Everyone up home rants and raves about skybus which is based in Columbus. They are the no frills airline with DEEPLY discounted airfares. We had always thought about trying them out, but thought the only hub was in Jacksonville 5 hours away. However, we found out the fly into "New Orleans" but it's actually Gulfport/Biloxi which is only two hours away, so we thought we would give it a try.

We did not get the $10 fares, but evidently you have to be one of the first ten to purchase that flight to get the rate. I was amazed however to see airfares under 100 with less than a week before departure. We wound up paying 75 for the first leg of the flight and 55 for the second, but it was a direct flight at night.

The flight home was delayed an hour, getting us into Columbus late, but I was highly satisfied. There was plenty of room, the planes are brand new, and the flight crew including captains were awesome. They had fun (especially on the flight back yesterday), were very pleasant and did a great job. I WILL fly skybus again. It is well worth it.

The only downfall is a chance of a delay (but it's not that bad with delays), you do have to pay for luggage (checked-5 each for first two bags) and drinks/snacks, but I'll take that over a $400 ticket.

So check them out at their website and enjoy it. And those friends and family who live in the frozen tundra up north....now is no better time to visit! we'll come pick you up.

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Kendra said...

You were in my city and didn't even tell me! Gheesh! I'll forgive you since it was such a short visit. ;) We're thinking about flying Skybus in May. We're taking a cruise, but it depends on whether or not the cruise is in a city where Skybus flies, and if we would have to rent a car to get to the port because of Skybus not flying directly to the city, that could cancel out the savings. We have heard great things about Skybus though. My sister-in-law went to L.A. last month, and she and her sisters all got the $10 tickets!!!

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